VIP Cadillac


By buying your at Deschamps Cadillac you will get much more than a vehicle.

We offer you VIP treatment during the entire GM warranty period , 4 years or 80,000 km; you will be entitled to pleasant and carefree service.

On the occasion of a repair, maintenance or any other visit to us, we will collect your vehicle at the place of your convenience (home or work) .

Do you want a courtesy vehicle? We will leave one at your disposal.

In addition, we wash the inside and outside of YOUR Cadillac before giving you the keys .

Deschamps Cadillac VIP service will undoubtedly give you a level of satisfaction that meets the expectations of owners of luxury Cadillac vehicles!

Welcome to our house!

cadillac advantages


  • GM Roadside Assistance
  • On Star Technology
  • Oil Change (determined by indicator)
  • Tire
  • Rotation Cadillac Service Schedule (as per owner's manual and on-board computer)
  • Air filter replacement (if equipped)
  • Interior wash and exterior
  • Bodywork lubrication